[funsec] A Day Which Will Live in Infamy: ICANN Board Approves VeriSign Settlement

Dude VanWinkle dudevanwinkle at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 19:08:50 CST 2006

ICANN's Board voted to accept the latest settlement proposal by a vote
of 9 to 5:

    "Today, ICANN's Board of Directors approved, by a majority vote, a
set of agreements settling a long time dispute between ICANN and
VeriSign, the registry operator for the .COM registry.

    These settlement documents include a new registry agreement
relating to the operation of the .COM registry. The new .COM registry
agreement will now proceed to the U.S. Department of Commerce for
final approval, and the entire settlement is dependent upon this
approval before it is finalized. USDOC approval is required due to the
unique history of the .COM generic top-level domain and it is the only
gTLD which requires such approval. If approved, this settlement will
clear the way for a new and productive relationship between ICANN and
VeriSign facilitating ICANN's stewardship and technical coordination
of the Internet's domain name system."

This truly is a day which will live in infamy, and the five who voted
against it have my respect. The war is surely not over although the
theatre shifts to the Department of Commerce who will need to approve
the contractual changes. That is not assured. Should the DoC reject it
(and if they have any folks with economics backgrounds, they would do
so in a jiffy), ICANN's days as a body are numbered.

VeriSign should not begin partying. If one recalls, the ICANN Board
also voted to approve WLS (another poor decision), in March 2004, yet
it hasn't seen the light of day.

Links: http://www.circleid.com/posts/icann_board_approves_verisign_settlement/

Actual Link: http://www.icann.org/announcements/announcement-28feb06.htm


I am not sure what to think of this, aside from the goverment pressure
really works.

Does this also mean the internet split will happen faster?


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